Spa skin care products

Sold at accommodations and at the Hirugami Hot Springs Guide Center.

Hirugami hot spring water mist

Using 100% Hirugami Hot Spring water allows us to achieve the ultimate in natural cosmetics. No alcohol or preservatives are used. With just a short spray, skin becomes more radiant. It applies well to your skin.

  • Contents: 80 g / 200 g
  • Price (including tax): 1,300 yen / 2,360 yen
  • Ingredients: Hirugami Hot Spring water

Spring water and honey beauty soap

A combination of Hirugami Hot Spring water’s moisturizing components and honey. Being additive-free, it safe to use on baby’s skin. By gently washing skin with the lather, your skin will be moisturized.

  • Contents : 15 g / 80 g
  • Price (including tax): 530 yen / 1360 yen
  • Ingredients: Palm oil, palm tree oil, Hirugami Hot Spring water, sodium hydroxide, honey

Hot spring water and honey skin care mask

This hot spring water mask will rejuvenate you. Thirty-three ingredients good for your skin are packed into this beauty mask. Effects include anti-aging, vitamin supply, anti-wrinkle, skin whitening, face line lift-up, and moisturizing.

  • Contents: One sheet (18 ml)
  • Price (including tax): 430 yen
  • Ingredients: Hirugami Hot Springs water, DPG, EGF, honey, and others

Hirugami Yu Ko (Medicated bath salts)

These medicated bath salts make full use of Hirugami’s smooth water characteristics. Simply mix and dissolve the salts in your bath at home and your body will feel the benefits. It has effects on blood circulation, skin sensitivity to cold, and also skin ailments.

  • Contents: 25 g (single use) / 500g
  • Price (including tax): 160 yen / 1300 yen (bottle) or 1080 yen (refill)
  • Ingredients: Sodium carbonate, sodium sulfate, sodium chloride